Introducing The AcreWise Airspace Registry

Powered by the AcreWise Platform, the AcreWise Airspace registry is now open to the public. For only $35 yearly, you can register your airspace and let drone pilots know that you value your privacy. Powered by the blockchain, but easily accessible by anyone, our airspace registry is the first of its kind.

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Our industry-leading vision is laid out in plain English for anyone to consume. While many aspects of our land-monetization platform are still in development, and only available to select partners, we are making more available to the public every month!

790K Acres

Land Available


Yearly Derivative Volume

1 Sec.

AcreWise Asset Settlement Time


Daily Ethereum Volume

The AcreWise Economy

We are the first land monetization solution for land owners, money managers, attorneys, banks, family trusts, and hedge funds. We have strong relationships with governments, large-scale land owners, and investors.

Turnkey Land Monetization

Allows non-land leasing experts, and experts alike to better understand and tap into the value of their property’s derivative value, such as:

  • - Drilling Rights
  • - Water Rights
  • - Cell Tower Deals
  • - More!
New Investment Opportunities

Search and browse for new land derivative opportunities. Activate, deactivate, and trade leases on the fly. With AcreWise, you’ll enjoy unprecidented access and visibility into one of the most lucrative markets in the world.

Blockchain Integrations


We’re on a mission.

What’s a Derivative?

Derivatives are the ground of financial stability in financial markets. They are used to transfer risk from one person to another. You can think of derivatives as insurance contracts on the variation of a value, expressed as an underlying asset. This underlying asset can be something such as the price of ether in USD.

The logic of a derivative contract is actually quite simple: on one hand, a lot of people, companies, and institutions are looking for a risk-free financial environment, where there is no significant variation in the price of specific assets. On the other hand, individuals, companies, and institutions are looking for financial variations because they want to speculate on and benefit from them.

So there are two kinds of actors in the derivatives market: the person who wants to hedge, i.e. cover their risk, and the person who wants to be more exposed to risk, i.e. the speculator. The speculator is counterparty to the hedger and literally takes the hedger’s risk.

AcreWise Currency Services


AcreWise enables central banks to issue a secure, immutable and efficient central bank digital currency. From taxes to social welfare benefits, governments of the world cumulatively receive and disburse trillions of dollars to and from their citizens. A digital transformation of this flow of money is a strategic shift from the cumbersome dependence of physical cash to a more efficient, secure and lower cost electronic payment system. Through harnessing blockchain technology it is possible for central banks to use AcreWise digital currency consulting services to allow a central bank to safely and securely issue a digital legal tender currency.

Digital currency issued by a central bank to the public, has the potential to modernize the financial system of any economy, thereby ushering in the establishment of a strong payment and settlement framework with unprecedented levels of economic growth. This technology advancement can allow for seamless inter-central bank digital currency transfers. A central bank digital currency issuance can also enable a central bank to achieve greater seigniorage and interoperability of its currency, whilst simultaneously increasing the reach of its monetary policies and broadening financial inclusion.

AcreWise Central Bank Digital Currency services group is recommended to governments and central banks, who first prudently engage in a pilot project and proof of concept, using a phased approach within controlled environments to deploy, test and assess the viability and feasibility for larger-scale implementation.


Dramatically lower costs, enhance service offerings, and enable new revenue opportunities. Lower barriers to access financial services and expand financial coverage to new customers at the bottom of the pyramid without the need for expensive investments in brick and mortar infrastructure.
The opportunity to convert cash transactions to digital transactions enables financial services providers to run unique new financial tools in parallel with current services. Handling the full customer relationship, financial services providers are the interface with and contract partner of all users – providing merchants, consumers, and others with a full range of services through a real digital wallet used to store digital legal tender.


Provide customers with a real, branded, digital wallet — a safer, more efficient, and functional version of the physical wallet with the lowest possible barrier for entry to financial services. Develop and customize a branded wallet with a range of capabilities and advanced functionality under your unique product requirements.

AcreWise Smart Contract Services


We offer generalized and custom smart contract consulting services. We review companies’ business models and help them adjust their businesses within the growing blockchain ecosystem. Smart contracts are self-executing code that gives you the security of blockchain technology and empowers you to securely store your contract terms in digital format. Smart contracts are immutable and are automatically executed when exposed to a “trigger event”, such as when specific data is entered or specific conditions are met. >Businesses need to trade with international partners, some of which may be unknown, in a growing global economy. Fraudulent activities are on the rise which makes it difficult to trust these unknown entities. Due to these confluences, it is always better to secure yourself from unforeseen circumstances and be on the safer side. Smart contracts address these concerns and provide security and assurance when dealing with unknown entities, domestic or international. Developing, coding, and designing a smart contract from scratch, however, can be a cumbersome task and requires a considerable amount of effort and resources. AcreWise offers both turn-key and custom solutions to these challenges:

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